Service Number 2 - RED SHEET


"JUST LIKE MONEY IN THE BANK".  That's how one annual Red Sheet subscriber describes our Late Week Premium Service.  A compact bulletin that deciphers all last minute data & information.  No knowledgeable football enthusiast would be without it.  It has been without peer since its inception in 1969.  Six releases including our Pro Selection of the Week, which now stands at 292-228 over the past 41 YEARS!  Yes, thats 41 YEARS!  A true mark of consistency.  Our Superior Plays yearly cement themselves as the smart choices.  That streak of 17 STRAIGHT WINNERS is still unmatched.  The Red Sheet is mailed late Tuesday.  With the deterioration of the Postal System over recent years, we have had instances when subscribers haven't received the Red Sheet on time.  That is no longer a problem, as we have instituted a taped message system, whereby you may call anytime after 6 PM on Tuesday Afternoons for a rundown of these more sought-after releases.  And the tape is left on through the weekend.  The number will be forwarded to you in plenty of time for the first week's play.  This remarkable late service has experienced ONLY 11 LOSING YEARS, while racking up TWENTY NINE WINNING YEARS.  Recent History: a record of 18-9 on our NFL Play in '90 & '91; only 2 Losing Weeks in '90; 9-4 on our Top Weekly NFL play in '94; NO LOSING WEEKS in '96, while compiling a record of 48-23 (68%) over the final 12 weeks; an amazing combined 41-14 record on SUPERIOR PLAYS in '98 & '00, with only 4 losing weeks; & a 21-8-1 windup over the final 5 weeks in '01.  In '03, '04, '05, & '06, we went 36-17 on our Top Weekly College Choice, as well as a superb 69-39 on SUPERIOR PLAYS, with stellar records of 19-9, 18-9, 15-10, & 17-11.  And it just continues.  Try 20-11 in 2008.  Remember... "JUST LIKE MONEY IN THE BANK."

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