Service Number 1 - POINTWISE


This 23-paneled early week edition is mailed on Monday Afternoon.  Its yearly growth can be attributed to long hours of hard work, resulting in the most comprehensive report of "Reference Ready" usable football knowledge found anywhere in any football newsletter in America.  The information contained, coupled with pinpoint predictions, make it the most respected report in the land.  It is posted in key establishments in Las Vegas, and its many features include: Vegas Line; Pointspread Derby; Complete College & NFL Logs; Updated Stats (Both College & Pro); Mathematical Rating Guide; Wise Points; early NBA & College Hoop Predictions; etc, etc.  Crammed with information!  These many features are merely the "Icing on the Cake", as far as we are concerned.  The cornerstone of this publication is SUCCESS.  In 2005, we Rocked the Football World with BACK-TO-BACK 8-0 SWEEPS OF OUR COLLEGE KEY RELEASES.  That monumental 16-0 RUN BUCKED ODDS OF 65,536 TO 1.  In 1980, we hit an amazing 23-of-27 College Choices rated "1".  During the '87 & '88 seasons, we compiled a record of 40-19 on all choices given our TOP RATING OF "1".  In '98, our NFL Rated Choices compiled a record 48-27 from Week 4 on out, & a record of 96-67 on rated NFL Regular Season Plays in '03 & '04!  In 2006, we went 8-0 on our Top Weekly College Play to start the season!  And Last Year we went a brilliant 20-9 on all "1" Rated Plays, while compiling a record of 44-20 on College Plays rated "3" or better.  Our Wise Points section is another study in consistency, with a 4-year streak of 41 winning weeks, & 13 only losing weeks; in '02: 12-4 on plays rated 9 Stars or better, in '06: 7-3 on plays rated 10 Stars or better!  Our Mathematical Ratings posted an enviable record of 94-52 in 1986, a 33-15 record over the final 8 weeks of the '95 college season, a record of 98-61 during the '02 regular season, 48-33 in the '03 regular season; & our College Mathematicals were an unmatched 99-58 (63%) in '09 & '10, including a stunning 20-8 record on our Top 2 Weekly Plays in '08!  Our Bowl Seasons only add to the luster: a superb 13-4 record in 1987, a 23-12 mark for the '90 & '91 bowl seasons, a 13-5 record in 1994, a 14-4 bowl windup in '02, & an 11-4 mark on "1" Rated Choices over 5 consecutive bowl seasons.  In '98 & '99, we went 6-1-1 on NFL Playoff Choices rated "3" or better!  A record of 11-6-1 on Playoff games given a rating of "3" or higher from '97 thru '02.  9-2 record in the '02 playoffs.  Denver's (+11 1/2) epic Super Bowl upset of Green Bay in '97; Patriots' (+14) upset in '01; Giants' (+12) upset of Pats in '07, Packers by 6 last year!  The perfect combination: INFORMATION & WINNERS!

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